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I am the owner and the senior aesthetician at the ANOKHI.

Go through below, to understand my journey into this field!

I am a graduate of Bachelors of Education, and similar to many others, I limited myself to being a homemaker. With a motive to contribute some services to society, I felt to start my career in  Beauty and Cosmetic Science. I initially worked as an assistant for eight long years to understand every basic technique for this passion-driven goal. Unlike many, I started my career with experience and then completed formal education in the same field. I have completed a few international and national courses to enhance my expertise further. 

With this sound background and support from my family, I was motivated to start up my own business (FIRST LADY IN MY KIN). Initially, I opened it within our home for four years under EXQUISITE. I extended it outside in Rajahmundry with excellent output for four more years. Then, I took chances and opened it HUGE, under the name ANOKHI in 2008. There were ups and downs, but we thrived during all conditions like any other business.

This is all about my journey into this field. With this sound background  in this field, I feel enough qualified and experienced to help you, increase your beauty



I am a graduate in Communication Technology. Through my interest in investment in business, I gave it a shot!

Investment in ANOKHI, is fruitful in all the ways possible and, I am happy for that!

 Good wishes to everyone! As introduced, I am the co-owner and manager of ANOKHI. You cannot find me doing the groundwork, as I rarely visit the establishment. Through my Job earnings, I managed to invest in the same. Working with the Team is quite appealing and, I love to order it! BE IN TOUCH!


SENIOR Hair Dresser and Make up Artist

I am an  ABTC certified Beautician. I have more than 4 years of bonding with ANOKHI. I am well experienced  

in essential services and well qualified for the BRIDALS and Hair Care.

A graduate in natural sciences, and still, I pursued this career. I am at the best facility,  to provide you with the best services. Of course, I am well trained, and to prove it, I have excelled in the ABTC course.


SENIOR Hair Dresser and Make up Artist

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 Even though I am new to this facility, thanks to the experts, I am well trained to help you with essential services.